IoT and IoE: In-Depth study of systems

Everything connected to Everything Else

The Internet of Things (IoT hereafter) has humble beginnings dating back to the beginnings of the twenty-first century. It started with PC’s and other immobile hardware and allowed for a very rudimentary system of data exchanges between machines. Many types of everyday “things” (vehicles, wearables, appliances, and more) are becoming Internet-connected. Today, the IoT includes an innumerable array of machines connected together, the total number of which is estimated to cross the 50 Billion barrier by 2020. 

The Internet of Everything (IoE hereafter) is even more recent, though it is quickly gaining wide applications across industrial streams. To offer a perspective that would help with a simplistic understanding of the two – IoE builds upon IoT, as it goes onto includes people, data and processes apart from machines. The IoE clubs all four together in an interactive ecosystem.

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