OC-3D Occupancy Module


OC-3D Occupancy Module
Product code: OC-3D

The OC-3D is powered by safe 24VAC, the HVAC
industry standard voltage. It has 2 volt free relays that
are used to control the Smart Temp thermostats mode
or set points as well as other ancillary devices such as
room lighting contactors, power circuits or other
devices you wish automatically control when the room
is un-occupied.

Multiple movement detectors and door switches can
be wired into the OS-3D to ensure complete area
coverage. Light sensors can also be added to the OC-3D
to ensure energy is not wasted by running lighting
when there is sufficient ambient lighting available.

Two main modes of operation can be selected to
ensure the OC-3D is configured perfectly for your
application. “Hotel Room” mode changes the
occupancy state only after a door is detected opening
and then closing again and then movement is detected
while “School Room” mode changes the room
occupancy status anytime an absence of movement is
detected for a pre-determined period of time.

Installing and setting up the OC-3D is like you would
expect from Smart Temp - being a simple and intuitive
process. Better still, it will be provided with superb
support offered at a price that will impress.

When you need to save energy and reduce your
running cost, the OC-3D from Smart Temp is the wise
solution. Fully automatic operation that cant be tricked
by jamming switches or card readers with slips of paper.
If the room is unoccupied then the room energy
consumption is reduced.


- Completely Automatic
- 24V powered
- Multiple sensor inputs
- Door switch logic
- 10A Ancillary relay
- 2A Main relay
- Small footprint
- DIN or surface mount
- Status & power LEDS
- Manufactured by Smart Temp
- 5 Year piece of mind warranty