Satchwell Satchnet driver for Jace 8000 - Supervisor


Satchwell Intelligent Advanced Controllers (IAC) are quite interesting devices: they could be used as configurable (for VAV, terminal units, zone control) and programmable for custom applications using the graphical tool “Bubbleland”. While being a legacy product, they still successfully operate in many buildings around the world.

IAC controllers could be used as standalone or as a part of a larger building management system. They use SatchNet Protocol – also known as SNP – on RS-485 interface. There could be up to 32 devices connected to a single line.

Our Satchwell IAC Satchnet driver for Niagara connects to SNP line through a built-in RS-485 port without any extra hardware. It automatically discovers Satchwell IAC controllers and their points and properties, reads point values and writes into them if it is allowed. The driver works on any Tridium Niagara-powered device, including Vykon Jace, Honeywell Hawk, Trend TONN, JCI FX.

Using this driver system integrators could replace outdated front-end with state of the art HTML5 and mobile-friendly graphics. It could be done very quickly and cost-efficiently.

Key features
Supports Satchnet protocol (SNP) available in all IAC controllers
Communicates via RS-485 port
Enables point read and write
Overrides outputs for maintenance
Supports automatic device discovery
Supports automatic point and property discovery
Maps Satchwell units into Niagara units
Synchronizes time in all devices
Ideal for retrofit application