Siemens Desigo PX driver for Jace 8000 - Supervisor


The driver is designed to enable direct communication between Siemens Desigo PX controllers and Tridium Niagara powered devices.

It provides an efficient solution for the retrofit of building management systems, facilitates seamless integration of multiple protocols and allows convenient makeover of front-end software.

The driver implements BACnet over LonTalk protocol in the Niagara framework. This type of protocol transmits BACnet data over Lon FTT physical medium. BACnet objects contain various self-documenting attributes, which greatly simplifies the integration process. The driver is capable of searching for connected controllers, discovering points, schedules and alarms. Point names, statuses, and physical units are automatically imported into the Niagara system. This saves engineering time and reduces potential errors.

Key features
Works with all BACnet over LonTalk devices
Uses standard LON option card
Enables point read, write and override
Supports time schedules
Provides alarm reception & acknowledgment
Enables automatic discovery
Includes poll and change-of-value subscription modes
Imports unit facets and point status
Supports time sync
Ideal for retrofit application