Trend IQ driver for Jace 8000 - Supervisor


Trend IQ driver enables the communication between IQ series controllers and Niagara powered devices, including Vykon Jace, Honeywell Hawk, Trend TONN, JCI FX, Distech Controls EC-Net. The same driver is used in Jace or in Supervisor.

The IQ3 series range includes different models of controllers, with expandable point counts ranging from 16 I/O to 128 I/O for IQ3Xcite and specific point counts for IQ3Xact. The IQ Trend LAN controllers maintain all of the features of the IQ3XCITE range as well as Trend proprietary LAN for backward compatibility with IQ2 controllers. IQ controllers utilize Text Comms protocol to communicate with the front-end software.

The driver makes use of a variety of protocol features in order to optimize traffic. Packet grouping minimizes the amount of driver-to-controller requests making the communication robust and efficient. The driver integration process is easy and straightforward.

Key features
Works via TCP/IP port on Jace or Supervisor
Enables point read, write and override
Supports point and device discovery
Supports point alarms
Displays point override status
Implements point grouping to minimize traffic