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Ultrasonic Flowmeters


Ultrasonic Flowmeters (patented)
Thermal energy meter with communication for heating and cooling for residential, real estate, and building automation use.

M-bus, Modbus, BACnet
The meters integrate the ultrasonic flowmeter and the electronic calculation and communication unit in a compact and easy-to-install unit.
They use a piezoelectric ceramic transducer ensuring high precision and stability.

The UHM Series of DN15 mm ~ DN450 mm ultrasonic meters is mainly designed for the measurement of energy consumption in Centralized Heating and Air Conditioning installations, facing the user or as a General Meter in industrial energy consumption. They have a flowmeter, a couple of temperature sensors, and an energy calculator integrated. It communicates in the European standard EN 13757 (M-bus) and can communicate in Modbus and BACnet.


  • High precision measurements
  • No moving mechanical parts, no abrasion, unaffected by poor quality water
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Reduced threshold flow
  • Horizontal and vertical installation
  • Telematic transmission of data and centralized control
  • Optional network of BACnet, Modbus or M-bus.
  • Pulse output
  • Automatic diagnosis: error message in case of failure
  • Wide dynamic flow measurement range.
  • Application in Heating and Cooling
  • High stability and long service life
  • Low consumption that allows to feed through a 3.6V battery with a life of more than 6 years
  • Very suitable for measurements in Air Conditioning and Heating networks, with flow variations.